Find a Good Family Law Attorney

If you are in need of locating a good attorney, one who specializes in family law, then you need someone who can look after your interests as well as the interests of your children. I have listed five options to help you find the attorney who is right for you.

Find a Good Family Law Attorney

1. Check with Friends, Family – People you know can be an excellent resource to help you locate a family law attorney. Somebody you know probably has been through a similar experience; their advice and support can be useful to you.

2. The Bar Association – A local or state bar association can be a wonderful resource as they will tell you which of their members specialize in Family Law. Get a hold of that list, contact the attorneys directly, and interview them. Typically, your first visit is free so that you can learn what the family law attorney will do for you, their fee structure, and much more.

3. Legal Aid Societies – Your state or county should have a legal aid society. If you find that the cost of retaining counsel is prohibitive, consider contacting your local chapter for help. Some will offer their services for free or “pro bono.” Some attorneys will charge you based on a sliding scale, taking into consideration your ability to repay. For parents with limited means, this can be a terrific option.

4. Research – Your library has legal directories featuring all kinds of legal professionals, while the internet is an excellent resource for accurate and up to date information. Forums, list servs, ads, and articles like the one you are reading now can be good sources to help you find attorney related information.

5. Check the Phone Book – One of the most popular places for attorneys to list their availability is with an old stand by: your phone book. Right smack dab in the yellow pages you will find scores of attorneys featured with all the of their contact information listed, including web sites.

Divorce certainly isn’t fun, in fact it is downright painful. Your children will suffer, but you can help ease the transition for them and you by finding an attorney who is compassionate and caring. For additional support and spiritual guidance, arrange a visit with your pastor today.

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How To Find The Best Family Attorney To Handle Your Divorce

If you are considering a divorce, you may be at a loss about how to find the best family attorneys. If you haven’t used any before, you might not even now where to look or how to choose one. The decision is a big one, because you will likely spend a lot of time and money with the finalist. Finding the right attorney to represent you in your divorce is worth a bit of time spent researching, so the divorce can go as smoothly as possible and you can move on with your life.

The first step in the search for best family attorneys is to ask family and friends in the area if they have suggestions. Be sure to ask what they did and did not like about working with the person they suggest. Using the people you know and trust as a resource could help you find a person with whom you can feel comfortable sharing all of the personal details of a divorce. If the list from those you know is too short, you could do a quick Internet search for qualified attorneys in the area.

The next step is to reduce your list to two or three options on a short list for best family attorneys. Remember that some of the suggestions made by friends might not be attorneys skilled in divorce, or in your particular needs. Just because your best friend’s cousin is a lawyer doesn’t mean you need to use them. The most important thing is to find someone that is a good fit and is highly skilled. It is also a plus if they are local. This means they likely know the area judges, local customs and procedures, as well as the other attorneys in the area, so processes can go more smoothly.

Once the short list of best family attorneys is ready, it is time to set up interviews with the finalists. Attorneys are typically paid by the hour, but a complimentary introduction meeting is standard in the business, so you can interview them and be sure you want to hire them. Before you go, make a list of questions or discussion topics. You’ll want to discuss your personal situation and make sure they have successful experience working with someone in your position.

Consider how many children you have, the total assets you have on your own and with your spouse, and how well you and your spouse currently get along. You’ll also probably need to bring some paperwork, so ask the attorney what they need ahead of time, so you are able to get everything together. This is also the time to talk about fee structures. Be sure to ask them for a complete schedule, so you will now how much the divorce will cost you.

Make notes about all of their replies and keep them together in a file, for your reference. Once you have met with everyone and have information about their personalities, how comfortable you were with them, their experience in your kind of divorce, and what they will charge, you can make an educated decision. Then, you can proceed with the divorce and with your life with confidence.

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